Arrival is the second chapter in The Charmed Ones: The Next Generation.

Main CharactersEdit

  • Wyatt Halliwell
  • Chris Halliwell
  • Melinda Halliwell
  • Benjamin Halliwell
  • Prue Halliwell
  • Haley Halliwell
  • Warren Halliwell
  • Henry Mitchell Jr
  • Pandora Mitchell
  • Peyton Mitchell
  • Brianna Halliwell
  • Patricia Halliwell
  • Cassandra Halliwell

Supporting CharactersEdit

  • Count Xavier Thoreaux
  • Sean Schmidt
  • Lucas Scott
  • Peter Patrova


The story starts out with the weekly Sunday dinner. Peyton and Melinda are talking quietly in the corner of the living room, while Haley, Warren, and Pandora are watching Paranomal Activity in the sun room. The older kids are noticably absent, and the parents are visibly mad about it. Piper, Phoebe, and Paige are in the kitchen talking about current events in their lives while Piper makes dinner. Prue and her family wasn't wasn't to be there until later.

After the movie was over, the girls started talking about boys, and Warren decided to go up to the attic and play around with magic. Once up to the attic, Warren started flipping through the Book of Shadows, and soon found a picture of a man about to be burned at the stake on one page, and a page full of writing on the other. When Warren placed his hand on the picture he was sucked into a powerful premonition, powerful enough to make him pass out.

The scene seemed to be in the early 1600s. There was a small carriage with a young man who was bound and gagged with rope, surrounded by men with large weapons. Village people stood around a stake holding torches, and some women were crying. The young man was dragged out of the carriage roughly and pulled onto the stake and secured in place. While one man tied the ropes behind his back the young man proudly stated, "Vous pouvez graver moi et mon genre, mais je me leverai encore quand mon heritier monte au pouvoir. Venez a moi grimoire. Avec toutes mes forces, en liberant ma partir de cette nuit, je vais envoyer mon ame a ma vie future. ll sera ma carriere. Et je vais me venger sur l'ensemble de vois families.", after his statement, the ground beneath the village people shook and cracked open and a hole was forme
d in the ground. A few men walked slowly toward the hole, but soon stopped as a blinding light was emitted from the ground and a large brown leather book flew up through the hole, and levitated toward the young boy, it's pages quickly turning as it went. When the book got close to the boy he said a latin encantation in the same loud, proud voice, and bit his tongue, then spit his blood on the page. Behind his back, a black mark appeared on his right wrist. He smiled wickedly before the men lit the fire, and he was soon enveloped in flames.

Warren woke up gasping on the floor of the attic. After regaining his composure, he closed the Book of Shadows and quickly went downstairs and saw that no one heard him upstairs. While running his fingers through his hair, he noticed the same mark that was on the young man's wrist, now on his wrist, looking exactly like a tattoo. He put on his jacket to cover his arms and decided not to mention it to anyone, pretending it was no big deal.

Powers UsedEdit


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