The Warren Coven
Founding information
Founding time


  • San Francisco, California
  • Halliwell Manor
  • Valentino Residence
  • Mitchell House
Founded by
  • The Halliwells
  • Halliwell Family
  • The Power Rangers (by The Rowan Coven)
Membership information
Special characteristics
Special Species
  • Wyatt: Whitelighter
  • Chris: Whitelighter
  • Henry: Whitelighter
  • Prue: Cupid
  • Pandora: Whitelighter
  • Peyton: Whitelighter
  • Phaith: Cupid
  • Patric: Cupid
  • Wyatt: Manager of P3
  • Chris: Cheif
  • Henry: Student
  • Prue: Waitress
  • Melinda: Department Store Worker
  • Pandora: Student
  • Peyton: Band Member & Student
  • Phaith: Tutor & Student
  • Patric: Waiter & Student
  • Warren Line
  • Elders/Cherubs
  • Good Magic
  • Magical Community

The Warren Coven, better known as the Halliwell Family, is a group of young adult witches who help protect the innocent from evil. It consists of Wyatt, Chris, Melinda, Prue, Phaith, and Patric Halliwell, aswell as Henry, Pandora, and Peyton Mitchell. Some of their friends, such as Lucas Scott and Kayla Niccoli, are considered memebers of the coven also. They are shown to be extremely loyal to eachother, and once a member becomes of age, they get a tatoo of the triquatra, the coven symbol. They currently reside in San Francisco, California.

They are one of the most powerful covens in the world.



In 2020, when Wyatt, Chris, Henry, and Prue were hanging out during a family event, Chris proposed that they form a coven. The other three were extremely acceptive to this idea. Wyatt was appointed the leader, which greatly angered Chris, who thought since it was his idea, he should be in charge. The group initially excluded the younger kids, but once Melinda became old enough to start her demon fighting training, which is fourteen years old, she was invited to the meetings, which made the other kids greatly jelous. One by one, the younger kids became old enough to join the coven.

Coven Split and ReformationEdit

Main Article:Battle Between Halliwells During an argument between Wyatt and Chris about how much the younger kids should have to practice their magic, Chris decided to leave the Coven and form his own, The Elder Coven. As Chris' best friend, Henry quickly took Chris' side, and Peyton and Patric followed, agreeing that they shouldn't have to practice their magic an obscene amount of time, like Wyatt was suggesting. On the flip side, Prue took Wyatt's side, aswell as Phaith, who didn't mind studying magic, and Pandora, who just wanted to be with Phaith. Melinda took a neutral stance on the issue, and avoided the issue as much as she could. The rivalry between the two groups became so intense that none of the kids would talk to a person of a different coven. Demons took advantage of this rift, and attacked them almost every day, knowing that their powers were greatly weakened because the family was divided. The Demon of Rage infected all nine kids, and in the climax of a dramatic fight between all of them, they used their powers against eachother. Most of the kids were injured, and all of them lost their powers.

After a second attack, they figured out how to get their powers back. They then decide to realign their group, and develop an even stronger bond than before.

Curent StatusEdit


Member Image Born Age Species Powers
Wyatt Halliwell Wyatticon Febuary 12, 2004 24 Witch/Whitelighter Conjuration, Pyrokinesis, Powers of a Whitelighter, Ability to wield Excalibur
Chris Halliwell Chrisicon November 17, 2004 23 Witch/Whitelighter Telekinesis, Electrokinesis, Powers of a Whitelighter
Henry Mitchell Jr Henryicon September 12, 2007 21 Witch/Whitelighter Photokinesis, Self-Preservation, Powers of a Whitelighter
Prue Halliwell ll Prueicon January 2, 2008 21 Witch/Cupid Premonition, Levitation, Clairsentience, Powers of a Cupid
Melinda Halliwell
June 29, 3008 20 Witch Telekinesis, Molecular Immobilization, Premonition
Pandora Mitchell Peytonicon November 2, 2009 19 Witch/Whitelighter Telekinetic Orbing, Transmogrificative Orbing, Powers of a Whitelighter
Peyton Mitchell Pandoraicon November 2, 2009 19 Witch/Whitelighter Deflection, Power Augmentation, Powers of a Whitelighter
Phaith Halliwell Phaithicon January 28, 2010 18 Witch/Cupid Telekinesis, Astral Projection, Empathic Healing, Powers of a Cupid
Patric Halliwell Warrenicon2 October 31, 2011 15 Witch Cupid Molecular Immobilization, Molecular Combustion, Tele-Empathy, Powers of a Cupid

Non-Blood Related MembersEdit

  • Lucas Scott: As Melinda's boyfried, he is often present at family meetings, and is considered part of the coven by many magical beings.
  • Kayla Niccoli: Like Lucas, being Wyatt's girlfriend, she is often present at family meetings, and is considered part of the coven.