The Warren Line originated in the 1600s, when Melinda Warren was the first born witch in the Warren Family. Melinda was a direct descendent of Isabel, the original witch. After Melinda was exposed to the town by her warlock lover, Melinda was burned at the stake. Her daughter, Prudence, carried on the Warren line.



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Early WhitelightersEdit

The early Warren witches, such as Melinda and Prudence, weren't given whitelighters. The reason for why they weren't given their angelic protectors is unknown, but Leo once thought it was because the line wasn't powerful enough at that time. The first Warren that was given a whitelighter was Grace Warren, who was a prominent demon fighter in the mid-1700s. Subsequently, every Warren witch was given a whitelighter.

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The Charmed Ones' OffspringEdit

As there were nine members of the generation following the Charmed Ones, there were several whitelighters assigned to the children. Paige Matthews was assigned to her nephews Wyatt and Chris. Leo Wyatt was assigned to his nephew Henry. According to the Elders, it's against the rules for a whitelighter to be the parent of their charge, which is why Paige and Leo were given their nephews instead of their sons.

Amelia and Cassandra Blake were witches who died in battle with the Source of All Evil in the 1920s. They were given the opportunity to become whitelighters in turn for their great deed by the Elders. After the girls in the generation were born, the Elders decided to assign the girls to Amelia and Cassandra, because they thought the girls would connect better to expierinced women.

Stefan Wesley was a young vampire-hunter in the mid-1800s. He was killed with his own stake while trying to neutralize a vampire. In return for his deed, the Elders gave Stefan the opportunity to become a whitelighter, which he accepted. After Victor Halliwell, the youngest of his generation, was born, the Elders decided to assign Victor to Stefan. The Halliwell family was reluctant to accept Stefan as Victor's whitelighter, as they had always assumed Leo would become his guardian. Eventually, after Stefan saved Victor from a demonic kidnapper, the family welcomed him into the family with open arms.