The Next Generation have created many spells to both vanquish demons and help innocents, aswell as writing personal gain spells. The best writer of the family is debatable, but everyone seems to be fairly skilled at creating spells. For some reason, their spells don't seem to backfire, or have any concequences

Spells CreatedEdit

  • Melinda's accelerated aging spell- Used by Melinda and Peyton to buy alcohol. "Years fly by me fast as light, age me prematurely with all my power and might."
  • Patric's voice in the mirror spell- Patric created a spell to sneak out that made a mirror on his bedroom wall respond to anyone who knocked on his door. "Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, repond to them to fool them all."
  • Peyton's spell to scare someone- Peyton invented a spell to create an illusion of someone's fear, which was used on a popular, mean girl at school. "Make her see what isn't there, make this bitch see death and dispair."
  • Patric's cloaking spell- Used to cloak him from his family's sensing powers. "Hide me from their powers of sight, don't let them sense me at all tonight." He later rewrote the spell to work for as long as he wanted.