Please Don't Hate Me is the fifth chapter in Shanebeckam's fanfiction, Family Ties.



While tutoring Haydon, Prue's boyfriend, Phaith starts to feel his attraction to her through her empathy. Knowing he is her sister's boyfriend, she quickly fakes not feeling well, and tells Haydon he needs to leave.

After her shift at Halliwell, Peyton sees Mr. Petrelli eating by himself. She goes up to him and sits down with him. They end up having a great time, laughing as if they weren't teacher and student. At the store, one of the mean girls at school, Rachel, started being rude to Phaith, who was buying some things for her mom. The two spat insults back and forth, before Rachel told Phaith she was too much of a loser to have a boyfriend. Phaith merely rolled her eyes in response, but Rachel kept reinforcing her statement, bringing Phaith to the brink of tears. Feeling accomplished, Rachel left Phaith alone, quietly sobbing.

Mr. Petrelli offers to drive Peyton home, which she accepts. When they get to the Mitchell house, Peyton bodly puts her hand on his thigh while thanking him for the ride, then gets out of the car. Phaith's anger and broken self esteem makes her drive to Haydon's house, and the moment he opened the door, she kissed him, and he kissed back.


  • This chapter is a Phaith-centric.
  • This is the first appearance of Haydon, but Phaith has been tutoring him for a few weeks.