Persephone is known as Effie to everyone. She grew up knowing about her powers and fighting minor demons with Penny.

History Edit

Effie Season 1

In season 1, she was 15,

Effie Season 2

In season 2, she was 16,

Effie Season 3

In season 3, she was 17.

Effie Season 4

In season 4, she was officially an adult: 18.

Effie Season 5

In season 5, she turned 19.

Effie Season 6

In season 6, she was 20 and met the love of her life.

Effie Season 7

In season 7, she could drink (yay!). She was 21.

Effie Season 8

In season 8, she turned 22.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Basic Powers

  • Molecular Manipulation

Active Powers

Other Powers

Romantic Life Edit

Sylvia Deiphobus

Professional Life Edit

  • Diner:

Personality Edit

Prue: "You fall in love so quickly and so hard, I'm just worried that-"
Effie: "I don't fall in love easily. I'm one of the most difficult shields to penetrate. But I do love with my whole heart."
— Prue and Effie

Appearance Edit

Effie has

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