A Patronus is an insubstancial animal protecter that can be conjured with an advanced level encantation. A patronus can attack enemies, and if the user is strong enough, can actually physically harm the enemy. This encantation is immensly hard to cast, as it takes much power to conjure a patronus. Patronuses can only be conjured by good witches, and if a witch is influenced by evil, they will not be able to conjure their Patronus.


A Patronus that is fully formed, or corpreal, takes the shape of a solid-looking animal. A non-corpreal Patronus appears as wisps of silvery mist.

The animal that the Patronus takes it's form from is a reflection of the personality or feelings of the witch casting the spell. The animal can change if a person undergoes a drastic personality or emotional change. This is evidenced when, Melinda Halliwell's patronus changes from a dove, to a raven after she broke-up with her boyfriend Lucas. When the two got back together again, Melinda's patronus changed back to a dove.

The Halliwells' PatronusesEdit


There are two known uses for patronuses. The first and main use of the Patronus is to defensively attack an enemy to evade a battle. A corpreal Patronus, depending on the animal, it will attack the user in different ways, e.g. large animals like lions or wolfs will bite an enemy, while hummingbirds will attack with their beaks, and stags charge at their attackers. The Patronuses can't be harmed by powers such as fireballs, thermal balls, or telekinesis, so the only way an enemy can evade an attack is to teleport out of the area. A non-corpreal Patronus will act as a semi-permeable forcefield, making it hard, but not impossible, for an enemy to get to the Patronus caster.

The second, less common known use of Patronuses is for communication. This use was discovered by Patric in a hidden diary written by an advanced student at Magic School. Warren is currently teaching the rest of the group to use this form of messaging.


  • Some Patronus' were made by Curiousity12 at, and all the credit goes to that artist.