An alternate universe, usually referred to as the "Hell-verse" is an alternate universe accidentally created by Melinda Halliwell after she wished her family didn't have any powers.


After getting stuck studying magic on a friday night, Melinda was irresponsibly mixing ingredients and after she said, "I wish my family didn't have magic.", she was seemingly transported to a world where her and her family wasn't magical.


Although unbeknownst to mortals, demons were in control in this universe. Innocents were slaughtered be evil, and witches had to hide their magic from the powerful Source of All Evil, which was never vanquished by the Charmed Ones. Once Melinda arrived to the alternate universe, she seemed to enjoy it more than her real life, but that quickly changed when the alternate Peyton was killed by a demon, and she didn't have the power to vanquish him. Melinda eventually realized that magic was a part of her, and having magic was good for her life.

Coming Out of the Alternate UniverseEdit

Melinda woke up in a hospital in the real world, and was informed that she had hit her head on the counter after the potion exploded in her face. Once Melinda left the hospital, she started to value magic more.