Demons are evil beings that prey on innocents. Since the Halliwell sisters have fought demons, their power level has grown, likely because of cross breeding with upper-level demons knowing of the power of the Next Generation.

Demonic Power LevelsEdit

  • Bottom Level- These demons are typically the spawn of two lower level demons or a lower level demon and a human. They seem to have the same strength as the lower level demons the Charmed Ones fought.
  • Lower Level- Eventhough they are called lower level, these demons are still very strong, seemingly taking on the power level of previous upper level demons the Charmed Ones fought. They usually have the parents of an upper level demon and a lower level demon, or an upper level demon and a human.
  • Upper Level- These demons are exceptionally strong, being able to put up a resonable fight against the Next Generation.
  • Omega Level- There are very few omega level demons in the Underworld. The Source entity has evolved into having Omega Level power.


  • Bottom Level's typically have the powers of Energy Balls and shimmering. They don't usually have unique powers to each demon.

    An evolved energy ball

  • Lower Level's typically have Red Energy Balls and a teleportation similar to Flaming.
  • Upper Level's usually have the powers of Thermal Balls and Flaming. But many have unique individual powers.
  • Omega Level's possess a vast ammount of powers, usually in their most powerful form.

Demons Shown in the StoryEdit

  • Crowly- An Upper Level demon who is the leader of a large group of demons.