Coop, the most notable cupid
Magical Attributes
  • Hearting
  • Time Manipulation
  • Love Empathy
  • Self Healing
  • Immortality
  • Cupid Projection
  • Suggestion
Natural Enemies
  • Beings of Hate
  • Hate
  • Match Makers
  • The Cupid Plane
  • The Cherubs
Notable Cupids
  • Coop
  • John
  • Brody
  • Danny
  • Marcus
  • J.D. Williams
  • Mikelle
Notable Hybrids

Cupids are beings of love, who help mortals find relationships. They are assigned charges, who they find a match for, then bring the two together.

Cupid Life CycleEdit

A cupid's life cycle begins as a mortal, who have found love, then died for their love. The cupid is then re-born into an exact duplicate of their former body. They then given a cupid ring, and they get trained by a more experienced cupid. Most cupids retire after a few hundred years, but there are other options a cupid has. They can give up their immortality at any point, which is what Coop did once his children were born. They can also quit all together, if they don't feel that being a cupid is right for them. If they chose to quit, another cupid goes back in time to the moment before they were supposed to die, and saves both the former cupid, and the person they were going to die for, thus giving the cupid a second chance at life.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Cupids have the power of limited empathy, which lets a cupid feel love, hate, or any other emotion connected to love. They also have the powers of immortality, self healing, time manipulation, holograms, and relational suggestion.

Cupids have a form of teleportation refered to as hearting. After the cupid thinks of a location, they are enveloped in a red glow, with a pink glowing valentinal heart over their chest. The cupid then rises as they disapear into thin air.

Cupids have also been shown to have some power that allows them to physically see into someone's heart.

Almost all of these powers originate from a cupid ring, which is given to all cupids.

The CherubsEdit

The Cherubs are the leaders of the Cupids. They chose who will become a cupid, and offer advice and support for the lower cupids. Cherubs rarely ever leave the Cupid Plane, and are usually nearing retirement. Cherubs are much more loving, caring, and understanding than Elders, their Whitelighter counterparts. They don't have many rules, and truely want the best for their cupids, and their charges.

The Cupid PlaneEdit

The cupid plane is where most cupids reside when they aren't with their charges. Only cupids, or beings with cupid blood are able to enter the cupid plane. The most used way is Hearting, but there is also a potion that sends cupids to their plane. In cases of dire emergencies, Elders and Whitelighters are also able to inhabit the Cupid Plane, but this is almost never used.

Cupid HybridsEdit

Only a few cupid hybrids exist, most notably Prue, Phaith, and Patric Halliwell. Hybrids are given a cupid ring at a the time the Cherubs choose, but are not obligated to become full fledged Cupids.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Hybrids have been shown to have the powers of Hearting, relational suggestion, aswell as having a natural sense of love. All three of Coop's children have the power of empathy, but since they can sense the whole spectrum of emotions, it is more likely that they inherited this power from their mother.