The Crystal of Knowlege is a magical crystal that holds all the knowlege of magic from beggining of time, to present day.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Crystal of Knowlege sends information from the crystal to the person who holds it.

If the person knows how to handle the crystal, the would be able to have access to every magical feat ever accomplished.

Aswell as having all the knowlege of magic, the crystal also contains several ultimate powers.


In the early 1600s, a coven of witches, the Sorciere Coven, created the crystal of knowlege to fight an incarnation of the Source of All Evil. The creation took an emmense ammount of magic, and once they had vanquished the Source, they didn't have enough power to undo their magic. The three witches could only break apart the crystal, and bless it with their magic that was left, and hide the stones in different parts of the world. The three crystals are the Crystal of Fire, the Crystal of Air, and the Crystal of Water.