Stone of Air

The Crystal of Air, or the Air Stone, is one of the three Stones of Power that, when united, create the Crystal of Power.


The Crystal of Air was created by Briana Withridge, a witch in the Sorciere Coven. Briana posessed the power of aerokinesis, and blessed the stone with her power.

Physical AppearanceEdit

The Crystal of Air is a silver, metallic, fragment that has the Sorciere Coven marking for "air".

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

To make sure the crystal didn't get into the wrong hands, The Crystal of Air is enchanted with a blasting curse, which, unless the person says the spell created by the coven, the person who touches the stone will get blasted away from the stone, possibly having enough power to kill the person.

Hiding PlaceEdit

The Crystal of Air is hidden in Shanghai, East China.