Cooper coop Potter Halliwell is the first son of Patric Halliwell and Destiny Stewert.His twin brother drew was born 15 mins after him he was. He has the power of cryogenism, he can throw ice from his palms.

Early lifeEdit

Coop was quiet smart commanding and strong just like prue and piper were.

Accidental time TravelEdit

Powers and AbilitysEdit

Besides the basic wiccan and wizard abilitys scrying,potion making,spell casting ect. he also possessed:

  • Empathy-The ability to feel and understand other peoples emotions.The user can feel exactly what the other person is feeling and for the same reason without direct contact.
  • Mental compulsion-The ability to compell some one to do something but unlike his brother he dosent need to talk making this more of a controlled version of compulsin also unlike his dad it dosent have to have something to do with the matters of the heart.
  • Cryogenism-The ability to throw ice from ones palms.
  • Ultimate Power- The power wich matches the power of three this is used when he and his twin hold hands and concentrate but their destiny is diffrent from the last ultimate power it is to work with the power of 3 and defeat evil.
  • Projection-He can achieve the strongest version of projection by tapping into the ultimate power with the help of his twin.