Bloody Mary is a vengful spirit who resides in mirrors.


Bloody Mary, while still human, was known as Mary Worthington. She lived alone in San Fancisco, California. She was a beautiful 19 year old girl who had participated and won several beauty contests in her hometown and aspired of becoming an actress.

However, on a March 29th, someone broke into her apartment and murdered her, cutting her eyes out with a knife. In her final moments, she tried to write the name of her assailant but in vain. She only got around to write T-R-E which local authorities suspected was Trevor Sampson, a surgeon. He was, however, never apprehended.

After her death, her spirit lingered on and lived in mirrors, traveling through them, killing all those who kept gruesome secrets of unsolved deaths by gouging out their eyes when someone utters "Bloody Mary" thrice in front of any mirror with the lights out.

Encounter With The Charmed OnesEdit

After murdering a young teen down the street from the Halliwell Manor, Wyatt and Chris suspected the death was supernatural. After finding out the teen and her friends had played "Bloody Mary" before her death, they checked the Book, which had nothing about her. Once another young teen was murdered in the same manner as the other girl, the Halliwells lured Mary to them by having Melinda say 'bloody mary' in a locked bathroom with the lights out. The plan went awry when Melinda couldn't orb out of the room once Mary appeared, and the others couldn't teleport into the room either. Once Mary crawled out of the mirror, Melinda used her telekinesis to throw her back into the mirror, then smashed the mirror with a soap bottle.