The Battle Between Halliwells
Part of Single Battle

January 9, 2028


Halliwell Manor


Demonic Rage Infection


Many injured, Melinda severely burned




Behind the scenes
First appearance

Season 1

The Battle Between Halliwells was a major fight where all nine of the kids were fighting against eachother due to a rage infecting demon.


During an argument between Wyatt and Chris about how much the younger kids should have to practice their magic, Chris decided to leave the Coven and form his own, The Elder Coven. As Chris' best friend, Henry quickly took Chris' side, and Peyton and Patric followed, agreeing that they shouldn't have to practice their magic an obscene amount of time, like Wyatt was suggesting. On the flip side, Prue took Wyatt's side, aswell as Phaith, who didn't mind studying magic, and Pandora, who just wanted to be with Phaith. Melinda took a neutral stance on the issue, and avoided the issue as much as she could. The rivalry between the two groups became so intense that none of the kids would talk to a person of a different coven.


Demons took advantage of this rift, and attacked them almost every day, knowing that their powers were greatly weakened because the family was divided. The Demon of Rage infected all nine kids, and in the climax of a dramatic fight between all of them, Wyatt conjured an energy ball and threw it at Chris, which he telekinetically reflected back towards the opposite group, which Pandora orbed back towards them. Patric used his power of pyrokinesis to blow up the energy ball, then blasted Wyatt square in the chest, which made him fly into the stair case railing. An enraged Melinda used telekinesis to fling Patric through a window in retaliation. Wyatt quickly got up and shot a line of fire out of his hands, and in the same second, Chris fired a strand of electricity. Th
e two elements colided in the middle of the living room, and created a large blast of energy which made all of Wyatt's group fly towards the staircase, and Chris' group to go through the window.

Secondary BattleEdit

Most of the kids were mildly injured, with a few burns and gashes. Melinda was the one that was injured the most, because she had been nearest to the center. No longer enraged, Wyatt quickly attempted to heal the severely burned Melinda, but for an unknown reason, wasn't able to access his powers. Seeing the condition his sister was in, Chris ran to his sisters side, quickly followed by Peyton, who wasn't able to heal Melinda either. As the others made their way to Melinda, Wyatt instruced Henry to go find his father at Magic School. Henry was unable to orb, however, and after a few moments, they discovered that they didn't have their powers.

Phaith discovers that they can still use the portal to Magic School that is in the attic, and they carry Melinda's unconcious body to the Headmaster's office, where Leo quickly heals his daughter. After hearing their explanation, Leo recalls something similar happening to their mothers. They return to the Manor, and look through the Book of shadows, which is now empty.

The Manor is then attacked by multiple demons. Without their powers, the teens are defenselss, and with the kids scattered throughout the three levels of the house, Leo can't locate all of them. He orbs a still weak Melinda and Peyton to Magic School right as a demon threw a fireball towards them. Patric, Henry, and Wyatt hide in the basement while Chris, Pandora, and Phaith escape the house by jumping out the broken window in the living room.

Remembering stories from his childhood, Wyatt comes up with a possible way to get their powers back. Patric creates a distraction with a homemade smoke bomb, and the three make their way to the living room of the
Chandeleir Shield
Manor. They dodged oncoming projectiles as they stood under the chandelier and chanted "The power of three will set us free. The power of three will set us free. The power of three will set us free." The chandelier begins to glow a bright blue and covers the three boys. With their powers back, they used their powers to vanquish the demons, but were still overpowered. Wyatt grabed Henry and Patric and orbed to Magic School. Shortly after arriving, Chris, Pandora, and Phaith orb in aswell, knowing their power has returned. The nine quietly and unseen place blessed crystals around the house, and when the last crystal is placed in its spot, all the demons are electrocuted, either being vanquished, or escaping.