Aria Halliwell
Biographical Information
Born 2025
Physical Information
Species Witch
Gender Female
Hair colour Brown
Eye colour Brown
Skin colour White
Familial Information
Family members
Magical Characteristics
  • Molecular Immobilization
  • Molecular Combustion

Aria Piper Halliwell is the only daughter of Melinda Halliwell and Lucas Scott. Patricia, aswell as her cousins, accidentally time traveled to the past, and met the past version of her parents.

Early LifeEdit

Accidental Time TravelEdit

After a witch named Katherine joins the Stones of Power, Aria's uncle Wyatt sends the third generation to the past for safety, and to try to warn the past versions of the family about what Katherine's plans were. In the past, Aria met her mother and father in younger forms than she was used to. She was the quietest out of the cousins since her mother put too much attention on her.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Patricia inherited the same powers as her mother and grandmother. Besides the basic wiccan powers of spell casting, potion making, and scrying.

  • Molecular Immobilization- Patricia's power to freeze is even stronger than her mother's and grandmother's. Patricia can freeze multiple city blocks, and the length of her freeze seems to be as long as she wants.
  • Molecular Combustion- Like her immobilization power, Patricia's power to blow things up is stronger than her predecessor's. Patricia can blow up a large group of Upper Level demons with only one hand motion, and little concentration.